My 10-year Travel Testimony

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Life Happens Fast

I remember in 2009 thinking i wanted to make a real commitment to traveling more. At the time, I had just been laid off from my 3rd job in my field of study (electrical engineering) in 9 months and had no idea where I was going to work next...but somehow traveling, became a main focus for me. I told #NoIGChunkybutt we should make traveling a priority and we started planning.

Me enjoying the view in Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

Our first few trips were modest. 2009 a few days in San Francisco, 2010 a few days in Montego Bay, Jamaica, 2011 a few days in Vegas...but 2012 changed everything...

For my 30th birthday, I had always wanted to travel solo to a country I’d never been and where I didn’t speak the language. That March, I went to Costa Rica by myself for a week and checked that off my bucket list. When I got back, instead of feeling satisfied, my brain was on fire with wanderlust and I had an extreme urge to travel farther and more often.

But of course, life happens. By fall of 2012, I was working in real estate full time and had recently switched realty companies to have a better control on my business. I was starting from scratch again. I spent all of 2013 building my real estate business and visualizing what I wanted my 30’s to look like. I didn’t travel anywhere.

Taking that time in 2013 to understand what I wanted for the rest of my life and most importantly...planning and strategizing for how I would make it happen was invaluable.

Sure I worked hard and smart, but most importantly, with the help of my Costa Rica memories burning in my brain, I never lost sight of my goals.

My 10-Year Travel Testimony 2014: Paris, France...Negril, Jamaica 2015: Doha, Qatar...Bali, Indonesia 2016: Tulum, Mexico...Egypt 2017: Cuba...Dubai, UAE...Cape Town, South Africa 2018: Cartagena, Colombia...Denver...Portland...Tanzania...Zanzibar 2019: Toronto, Canada...Detroit...San Francisco...Oakland...LA...Vegas...and more...stay tuned!!!)